April 28, 2008


Now that finals are here and I can actually see the end of the semester, I thought I would start my blog! With stress piling up, sickness kicking in, and work, I thought I needed a stress releiver since I can't run just yet. So here I am, when I should be doing homework, typing away about pretty much nothing. Although, I do have to say that despite what I try and convince myself, studying actually pays off! I studied very hard for my persuasion final and ended up getting an A! So to celebrate I decided to play with some friends before I got back to the books...a picture of this should accompany soon.
I will make the rest of this brief so I can start the next project. I am just excited to finally start a blog and more easily let everyone know what is going on with me...but until that blessed day comes when I have turned in my final paper I say goodbye. I'm very much looking forward to future blogging!