October 29, 2008

Fun at Work

The other night at the restaurant (the night my parents came in to let me serve them for a change) Becca and I found a string of leftover tickets in the kitchen. We decided to use them to write "Happy Halloween" and decorate our server station. Well, one thing led to another and we started making spider webs with spiders and ghosts. We were going to make a haunted house, but it actually picked up in the restaurant so we never got to it...
I got to work tonight, and there was a skeleton, a black cat, and various other things people had added to our wall-o-fun! It was so awesome!
We also have a pumpkin contest for the whole hotel and every department gets to enter a pumpkin. Well, Kurt forgot that we needed to do one and that they are due tomorrow, so he put me and Becca in charge of it. Becca decided to do the kitchen's pumpkin with a picture of "Ratatoulle" on it. It looks so cool (what I've seen of it anyway). I got to do the pumpkin for the restaurant... We decided on a ghost for the front... and the restaurant logo on the back. It's totally wicked awesome!!! This is the kitchen pumpkin Becca did and it turned out really cool, too!

We are already starting to come up with ideas to decorate for Thanksgiving :)

October 27, 2008


I think everyone has times when they just feel kind of lonely... the last week or so has been that way for me.
It's true, I see my friends almost every day (especially Amber... sheesh!) but for some reason I feel like there isn't much effort in talking to me. I feel like my best friends aren't my best friends, more like acquaintances.
I have noticed that this does just happen to me every now and then. I feel lonely even though I am surrounded by people. I fell loved by my Father in Heaven and my family but that's about it. That isn't a bad thing at all, I know I get a lot more than a lot of people do... but I just can't shake the feeling of loneliness.
I know it's all in my head (at least I hope it is) and this too shall pass. I'm thinking this is why I haven't posted in a while because a lot has happened since I last blogged. I'm actually liking my serving job a lot more than I thought I would. I am learning to appreciate my internship more and have been assured that it will get more exciting soon. School is going better, I don't loathe going EVERY day. I am struggling with being healthy, and I don't like it one bit. I am so used to being a person with a lot of will power and for some reason that is all gone down the drain (this is also a contributor to my unsure state).
Another thing that has brought me a little discomfort is an experience I recently had...
Not many people know (in fact, just two or three) that I was preparing myself to go through the temple some time next spring. I didn't tell anyone because I thought it was something I wanted and I felt it was right even though I knew it wouldn't be for a while. I decided to talk with my bishop about it before I told everyone about my plan. I discussed it with him and, because he hasn't been a bishop very long, he didn't know what the procedure was for a young woman who wanted to receive her endowment without preparing for a mission or marriage. He told me he would talk to the stake president about it the next week and he would let me know what steps I should take. Turns out, it is not advised unless you are getting married, going on a mission or in your LATE 20s... none of which I am. I suppose it just isn't the right time, but it's still a little heart-breaking. In fact, the day I found out I cried all through the last hour of church. It is something I need to accept and move past, and hopefully I will grow from the experience.

Thanks for reading!

October 14, 2008

Just an Update...

It's late (or actually early) but I thought I would write a very quick update.

Things are going well I think. I'm finally feeling like I'm doing ok with school, work is good, and my internship is, well, exactly how it sounds. I did get to go to a gala for Operation Kids saturday night with my boss and it was really kind of fun. I got all dressed up, ate free food (a lot of which I couldn't actually eat because it was seafood), got my picture taken with Jim Brickman, John Walsh, and the guy from 24 and the All State commercials, and listened to Collin Ray perform for a while. After that I got to hang out with my cool cousin Preston and a couple of friends at a haunted house in SL. Sunday was busy but a good day I guess because it was sunday and church pretty much rocks.

Oh, one more thing to add... friday night I had to work (yawn) and it was really slow for a friday. However, I did have a family with two little girls come in for dinner. The left me a $40 tip for their $66 check. Holy moly! I went back to the server station and cried because of their generosity. It was a great night.

Now I'm exhausted from doing homework and working all night so that's about it. Later!

P.S. Check out on the October 13th issue :) I have another article printed!!!

October 8, 2008

It Works!!!

Just a quick little story to build some trust in prayer... if you don't wanna read about it, stop reading!
Yesterday, I had an article due for the school newspaper. Monday I was freaking out because I hadn't gotten a call back from one of my sources and I hadn't gotten a hold of another one. In the morning, I was totally praying that I would find time to get everything done and that I would get in contact with everyone I needed to in order to finish my school work.
I went to my 11 o'clock class still wondering when I was going to find the time to make my phone calls. The teacher came in and announced that our class was going to get out half an hour early because she had to go to a funeral. I know that her relative didn't depart from us just so I could finish my article (thank heavens, cuz I don't want to be responsible for hurting someone!) but I do know that my prayers were answered and I was taken care of...
Man, it was ama-za-zing so I thought I'd share! Thanks for reading :)

October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend

I thought I would write a little bit about this weekend because it's been kinda fun! Yesterday General Conference started and the talks were really, really awesome. It's amazing how much we can still learn and how, if we have our hearts and minds open with questions, we can get answers. The amazing-ness of Conference just had to be interupted with work :( but it was alright. The restaurant wasn't busy AT ALL and the only reason I had three tables was because Amber brought Lisa and Tiffany for dinner and later Mary brought Sarah in for soup and dessert. It was really fun and relaxed... and I really hope they don't mind that I wasn't as 'professional' as I should have been. I only had one other lady all night and she was really nice.
After we closed early because of the lack of guests, I came home and met Amber, Lisa and Mary. We stayed up late doing facials and pedicures and watching a chick flick... ok, so the only one who actually stayed up for the whole movie was Mary, but we started it at 2 in the morning!
This morning I woke up a little early and made belgian waffles for everyone... from scratch! They were pretty ok, the raspberry peach sauce that my mom made for the top was really good and then we topped them off with whipped cream... YUM! They were really good if I do say so myself. Everyone stayed for the first session, but Mary and Lisa left right after. Amber and I went for a 3 mile walk along the canal road to burn off some of our large breakfast and after that we went to my grandpa's house for the last session of Conference. It was and amazing Conference and a really good weekend!

October 1, 2008

Lindsay's Wedding

I've decided to put off my homework for a little bit and post about Lindsay's wedding... that was a week and a half ago! I flew down thursday night, the 18th and didn't hit any monsoons! I got there when I was supposed to, so the trip got off to a great start. Friday we went to the stake center and set up all the tables and center pieces and everything so all we would have to do on the wedding day was fill the cylinders with blue gel. After the decorating was done we picked up the flowers (after massive confusion from the florist), took them back to the house, and left for San Diego! We stopped on the way to get frozen drinks from Starbucks... I got my favorite frozen hot chocolate, Collette got a vanilla drink, Lindsay got a toffee one, and Anthony got the same thing as me. Thank heavens they make yummy-ness without the coffee in it! We got to the hotel around 6 or 7 (I honestly don't remember) and went to Denny's for dinner. The rest of the night was spent hanging out in the rooms and by the hot tub. I didn't even think about packing a swim suit because I was basically just going for the wedding so we just stuck our feet in the tub. The next morning we went to the temple and waited for the cute couple to come out. They were so obviously happy it was amazing. We took pictures for a while and then, while they were changing inside, Collette, Jonathan and I wrote all over the car with window chalk. One regret is not getting any pictures of this! We also tried to stick oreos on the car, but it was so hot that they melted and slid right off. We drove the two hours back to Chino and started the blue gel. It was really hard to work with and Collette got blue dye all over her hands. Once everything was set up the reception started. It was a little awkward because everyone I knew was standing in the greeting line and I just kind of roamed around... but it was still fun meeting new people. Then we had the ring ceremony and dinner. After cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet (which I caught, thank you!) and the garter we pretty much just danced and had fun the rest of the night. It didn't take long to clean up and Lindsay and Anthony left in a limo for their honeymoon. Sunday one of the groomsmen was kind enough to take me to the singles' ward and then Lindsay's mom took me to the airport to come home. All in all it was a really good trip and very worth it to be there for Lindsay's wedding! I hope to return to San Diego very, very soon :)