October 1, 2008

Lindsay's Wedding

I've decided to put off my homework for a little bit and post about Lindsay's wedding... that was a week and a half ago! I flew down thursday night, the 18th and didn't hit any monsoons! I got there when I was supposed to, so the trip got off to a great start. Friday we went to the stake center and set up all the tables and center pieces and everything so all we would have to do on the wedding day was fill the cylinders with blue gel. After the decorating was done we picked up the flowers (after massive confusion from the florist), took them back to the house, and left for San Diego! We stopped on the way to get frozen drinks from Starbucks... I got my favorite frozen hot chocolate, Collette got a vanilla drink, Lindsay got a toffee one, and Anthony got the same thing as me. Thank heavens they make yummy-ness without the coffee in it! We got to the hotel around 6 or 7 (I honestly don't remember) and went to Denny's for dinner. The rest of the night was spent hanging out in the rooms and by the hot tub. I didn't even think about packing a swim suit because I was basically just going for the wedding so we just stuck our feet in the tub. The next morning we went to the temple and waited for the cute couple to come out. They were so obviously happy it was amazing. We took pictures for a while and then, while they were changing inside, Collette, Jonathan and I wrote all over the car with window chalk. One regret is not getting any pictures of this! We also tried to stick oreos on the car, but it was so hot that they melted and slid right off. We drove the two hours back to Chino and started the blue gel. It was really hard to work with and Collette got blue dye all over her hands. Once everything was set up the reception started. It was a little awkward because everyone I knew was standing in the greeting line and I just kind of roamed around... but it was still fun meeting new people. Then we had the ring ceremony and dinner. After cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet (which I caught, thank you!) and the garter we pretty much just danced and had fun the rest of the night. It didn't take long to clean up and Lindsay and Anthony left in a limo for their honeymoon. Sunday one of the groomsmen was kind enough to take me to the singles' ward and then Lindsay's mom took me to the airport to come home. All in all it was a really good trip and very worth it to be there for Lindsay's wedding! I hope to return to San Diego very, very soon :)