October 14, 2008

Just an Update...

It's late (or actually early) but I thought I would write a very quick update.

Things are going well I think. I'm finally feeling like I'm doing ok with school, work is good, and my internship is, well, exactly how it sounds. I did get to go to a gala for Operation Kids saturday night with my boss and it was really kind of fun. I got all dressed up, ate free food (a lot of which I couldn't actually eat because it was seafood), got my picture taken with Jim Brickman, John Walsh, and the guy from 24 and the All State commercials, and listened to Collin Ray perform for a while. After that I got to hang out with my cool cousin Preston and a couple of friends at a haunted house in SL. Sunday was busy but a good day I guess because it was sunday and church pretty much rocks.

Oh, one more thing to add... friday night I had to work (yawn) and it was really slow for a friday. However, I did have a family with two little girls come in for dinner. The left me a $40 tip for their $66 check. Holy moly! I went back to the server station and cried because of their generosity. It was a great night.

Now I'm exhausted from doing homework and working all night so that's about it. Later!

P.S. Check out on the October 13th issue :) I have another article printed!!!