October 29, 2008

Fun at Work

The other night at the restaurant (the night my parents came in to let me serve them for a change) Becca and I found a string of leftover tickets in the kitchen. We decided to use them to write "Happy Halloween" and decorate our server station. Well, one thing led to another and we started making spider webs with spiders and ghosts. We were going to make a haunted house, but it actually picked up in the restaurant so we never got to it...
I got to work tonight, and there was a skeleton, a black cat, and various other things people had added to our wall-o-fun! It was so awesome!
We also have a pumpkin contest for the whole hotel and every department gets to enter a pumpkin. Well, Kurt forgot that we needed to do one and that they are due tomorrow, so he put me and Becca in charge of it. Becca decided to do the kitchen's pumpkin with a picture of "Ratatoulle" on it. It looks so cool (what I've seen of it anyway). I got to do the pumpkin for the restaurant... We decided on a ghost for the front... and the restaurant logo on the back. It's totally wicked awesome!!! This is the kitchen pumpkin Becca did and it turned out really cool, too!

We are already starting to come up with ideas to decorate for Thanksgiving :)


MKG said...

These are awesome! I love the one with the canyon logo on it. Be sure to post a picture of the one with Ratatoulle on it. Love, MKG

Joann said...

Bet you're glad you're not working the election, right?