October 8, 2008

It Works!!!

Just a quick little story to build some trust in prayer... if you don't wanna read about it, stop reading!
Yesterday, I had an article due for the school newspaper. Monday I was freaking out because I hadn't gotten a call back from one of my sources and I hadn't gotten a hold of another one. In the morning, I was totally praying that I would find time to get everything done and that I would get in contact with everyone I needed to in order to finish my school work.
I went to my 11 o'clock class still wondering when I was going to find the time to make my phone calls. The teacher came in and announced that our class was going to get out half an hour early because she had to go to a funeral. I know that her relative didn't depart from us just so I could finish my article (thank heavens, cuz I don't want to be responsible for hurting someone!) but I do know that my prayers were answered and I was taken care of...
Man, it was ama-za-zing so I thought I'd share! Thanks for reading :)


MKG said...

Of course it works! Thanks for sharing that. I'll share with you, but I'll send you an email. Love, MKG