August 25, 2009

It's about time!

I had a light bulb go on today... I realized that the reason I haven't posted for a while (other than my exciting trip to Boise) because I felt like since I didn't have a job I didn't have anything worth writing about. Since I graduated I've done nothing but Body Jam, take a few pictures, and look for a job. I was getting so irritated from not having any interest or interviews from anyone that it was affecting my whole life. I've been really frustrated for a really long time and every little thing that went wrong just added fuel to the fire. A little while ago, I finally got an interview with a resort in Sardine Canyon, but after the interview I didn't hear anything back from them... not even a phone call or email saying they "went another way"! I was a little bummed because that had been my only interview since graduation.
Last week, after the Gandalf Extravaganza, I had a really great interview with a technical support company called Group Link based in Bountiful. Everything went really well and they seemed pretty impressed with my resume. Yesterday, I got a call from them asking for some references and examples of my writing and other projects from school. I sent them this morning and got a job offer from them this afternoon!
Seriously, I have been praying so hard for so long that I would find a JOB, any job! And now I've found one that will actually utilize what I learned in school and that will allow me to grow in my abilities. It's so amazing how things can come out of nowhere. I have until Friday to accept the offer and I'm still praying that all the kinks can get worked out so I can become part of the team and FINALLY have a job... and a way to pay the bills!
Thanks to everyone that has supported me and prayed for me these past few months. It's definitely paid off!!!

August 19, 2009


Ok, I know it's been pretty much FOREVER since I've posted, ever after I promised to update on what's been going on. I'm just at the point in my life right now where every day is the same. I've graduated which is pretty exciting. It would be more exciting if I could find a job. However, not having a job has allowed me to do some pretty AWESOME things, one in particular that I will be writing about in this post.
I have been teaching Body Jam since January and I absolutely love it! Going to the gym gives me something to look forward to every day when nothing else is going on. I love getting each new release, working my booty off to learn it, and teaching it to the people who actually COME to my class. The feeling I get when I'm teaching is amazing. I love hearing people let go and get crazy because I know they are having as much fun as I am AND getting a wicked awesome workout.
Last week was kinda rough. I had had a rotten day to begin with, but then when I went to my Jam class, not one person showed up. It is so frustrating when I drive all the way to Layton for nothing. I was very upset. But yesterday, that all changed.
Part of why I love Jam so much is because of the creators who love it possibly more than I do. Yesterday, around 10 in the morning Sherry (my teaching partner) and I drove four hours to Boise, ID. There is a reason for this insanity, I assure you. Last year, the Boise Gold's gym participated in a program called "Dance 4 Life" where they raised money for AIDS awareness (I think). They won the competition... and their prize was to have the Director and Choreographer of Body Jam come teach a master class at their gym.
As soon as we heard about his visit, we made plans to attend the class. The drive was totally worth it! We got there early, ate a small dinner, went to the gym, got ready, and waited for about an hour for the class to start.
As soon as Gandalf entered the room, the energy was completely different! We were so stoked and so excited! He started teaching the class (with his awesome New Zealand accent) and it was amazing. The microphone went out about half way through the class, but he still did an amazing job. The routine was off the hook and, even though I was dying, I had a BLAST! Afterward, he stuck around for pictures and Sherry and I got to get a picture with him and just the two of us.

I don't know how to put it so everyone will understand how huge this was for us! I guess you could say it's like a starving, aspiring singer meeting their favorite singer in person. It was so... AWESOME! I have been giddy ever since, and you can probably see why. He was really cool, too. We got to talk to him a bit after all the picture-takin'. He told us about his cute wife (who is also an instructor) and their new cute little baby. It was so cool to see how down to earth he is.
After the class, we went and changed and drove home that night (I had to get back for an interview in the morning) but we were so wired that the natural high kept us up and safe. It was a totally AWESOME day!!! Thanks to Sherry for telling me about it and going up with me!

P.S. My class tonight had about 26 people... it ROCKED!