September 30, 2008

Great Friends

Ok, it's been a while since I've posted and I know I have a lot to post about and I'll get to Lindsay's wedding and my new job really soon! But there's something I have to write about first because it's just too awesome...
Yesterday was probably the worst day in a long time. I was dreading going to school (I know I usually do, but yesterday was especially bad) and I really didn't want to go to work at AFCU either. Sometimes I just don't see the rewards for any of my work so it's very hard for me to get motivated. I just kept telling myself if I just made it through school and the internship yesterday I would have the rest of the night to relax and have fun with my friends, right? WRONG!!! I got home from AFCU around 3:45, sat down and started my homework. Ok, so I couldn't really focus so I did some other things around the house. Anyway, around 4:45 I got a call from my boss at the restaurant. The conversation went something to this effect...

"Hey, where are you?"
"Home, why?"
"Why aren't you at work?"
"Cuz I don't work today, I work tomorrow."
"No, you work today... at 4."
"Are you serious?!"
"I'll be there in 15 minutes."

Basically I was changing into my work clothes as I talked to him, totally freaking out! On my way to work I called Amber in tears telling her that I couldn't go to family home evening anymore (which I'm TOTALLY bummed about) and I couldn't go to the gym either. Then, at work I accidentally ate some fries that had fish shtuff on them so I started getting itchy and Amber had to bring me some benadryl. It was not a good night.
You may be asking why I'm writing about this, and it's not to make anyone depressed. It's to show everyone that I have wicked awesome friends! Amber thought I got off work at 11 since the restaurant closed at 10. Well, the restaurant closes at 11 now and I had to stay til midnight. But... my awesome friends came to the restaurant around 10:30 and brought me flowers! How sweet is that?! And then they stayed and had some soup and dessert which gave me something to do for a little bit to take my mind off how stressed the day had been. So, pretty much I'm just saying they are the greatest. And if you girls read this... thanks so much!

P.S. Today is much, much better ;)

September 21, 2008


The Rules:
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1. Growing up, I refused to try new foods. If I had never had it before, it contained something I thought I didn't like, or it just looked weird, I wouldn't eat it. I never ate spaghetti with my family because I didn't like tomatoes... I would eat Spaghetti-O's instead (don't ask, I don't get it either). Then, one day, I was eating a rice bowl that had green and red peppers in it. I didn't like them at all, but as I tried to pick them out I realized there were too many so I just ate them. I now love them... and I try to give new foods a chance.

2. I also have a candy quirk... my absolute FAVORITE candy is cinnamon bears (hence the nickname from my grandpa) and when I eat them, I always eat the body first and leave the head for last. In doing this, I figure out which one was the hottest and eat that head very last.

3. This one may be annoying to other people, or maybe no one has ever noticed. My favorite number is 8, so when I tap my feet or strum my fingers, I do it in sets of 8 and I can't stop until I've completed all 8. I actually think that's an OCD thing.

4. I usually would rather be somewhere else. I don't know what it is but I'm never really content with my location. For example, earlier today I was in California hanging out with Lindsay's family and meeting new people in her singles' ward, and all I could think about was the fact that I just wanted to be home. Now that I'm home, I kinda want to go back to Chino. I think that actually has something to do with the fact that I start work tomorrow and I still want to be on vacation.

5. I wear a ring on my left hand ring finger. I got this ring in Moab right before my grandma died and it is just comforting to me. People have told me that it's weird because I'm not married (Lindsay made me switch it to my other hand for her wedding because it bugs her) but I don't know, I just wear it there to remind me of her I guess. Maybe that's why I don't date!

6. I get on major health kicks (I actually plan on starting again tomorrow, the wedding threw me out of the healthy wheel for a bit) and I have a very... slim diet. I don't really have time to cook anything while I'm out at school and work, and I refuse to pay tons of money for greasy food so I usually just have a fiber bar or something for lunch and that's it. It helps with the calorie count, though!

I now tag Joann, Crash, Amber, Mom, Amy (ha!), and Annica.

September 17, 2008

This Week

This is going to be short and sweet because, well, I have to pack before I can go to bed! This week has been pretty fun :) monday I saw that my first ever real news article was published in the school paper! I think you can look it up if you just google WSU Signpost or something to that effect. It was an article on the top three reality shows on campus... pretty exciting! Yesterday, Amber and I went to a Body Jam class at the gym. It's just like it sounds... totally awesome! It's upbeat and fun and dancing and just plain awesome! Or wicked awesome if you prefer, which I probably do. We found out that they have the same class at another gym on wednesday nights so we went tonight, too. I didn't do as well, I think I'm just tired. Then, afterward, we went to hear my friend Greg play at an open mic night so I could interview him after for my next article. And tomorrow I leave for California!!! I'm so excited to see my Lindsay and to be there for her wedding. I know I can't actually see her get married which kinda stinks but I'm proud of her for making it through her long engagement! She is showing me what I have to look forward to and I'm so glad she made the decisions she did. She is really a great example :) Well, I guess that should be it since I have a lot to do still and only 40 minutes before I force myself to go to bed. Chow!

September 14, 2008

The Weekend

This weekend was actually a lot of fun! On friday I was done with school and everything by noon, so Amber and I went to the gym for a little bit before I headed up to the valley.
My parent's ward has a Relief Society retreat every September and I usually go with them. My mom told me this year it was the 12th and 13th and it just happened to be a weekend when I didn't have training or anything! So I got to go up friday night with my mom. I took my sleeping stuff just in case, but I didn't know if I was for sure staying the night or not. We learned how to make rolls, ate some really good soup (I tried three different kinds) and had a woman come and talk to us about different things to do with your family. I got some really, really good ideas for when I have a family of my own :) and then we just played games for the rest of the night. I'll have pictures when I get them from Johnine :) I got to spend some time with these awesome women who I don't see much anymore because I'm in the singles' ward and it was tons of fun. I also got some REALLY good ideas for games to play at my Original Game Night for enrichment, whenever that actually happens. One involves m&ms, straws, cups, dice and sucking... it was so much fun! The other involved peanuts, yarn and a pan lid... so funny! The whole night was loud and crazy and I loved it! We didn't go to bed until around midnight, and I stayed up a little later because the noises in the old cabin freaked me out. The next morning we got up too early, had yummy breakfast, learned different ways to journal (yes, I talked about my "online journal" experience with my blog and how AWESOME blogs are!) and then we had the home-wrecking olympics. My mom and I had to leave early so she could make brownies and I could go to the gym. I met Amber and Lisa there and we had an awesome workout. I totally ran a 5k on the treadmill, which wasn't too difficult, and lifted weights and worked on our abs and stuff. Definitely a good workout! Then Lisa and I got ready and went to my ward tailgate party before the WSU Homecoming football game. I was going to go there, run down to my family tri-fecta activity and then go back up to the football game. When Lisa saw that they were eating hot dogs, she decided to come with me. We drove to see the fam, ate dinner, chatted a bit, and made it back to see WSU cream Dixie 44 to 7. Hallelujah! We're actually winning games! Then we went to see Iron Man at the dollar theater which was really awesome. I'm totally buying that when it comes out on DVD if I have enough money from my minimum wage job :) Then today I went to see my friend Spencer give his "I'm leaving on a mission" talk and then went to my ward to hear the same type of talk from Clint. Then I got to spend tonight at home with my family... aw! It was such a good weekend and I'm so excited to go to California this next weekend! Good times!!!

September 9, 2008


It's been a while since I've posted so I thought I would take a minute or two and post something now.
I turned 25 a week ago (I know, I'm old) and since I don't really have anything in particular to write about I'm going to make a list of 25 things I've done in the last few months!
1. I recently started my last YEAR of school :)
2. I quit a job that I had been working at for almost 6 years :) :) :)
3. I got an internship where I only have to work 8 hours a week and I really like it!
4. I helped put together a girls' camp for my singles ward relief society which turned out really nice.
5. This one gets a picture... I hiked to the Timpanogos Caves with a few friends and it pretty much rocked!
6. I only got to raft with my family once this year which is disappointing but that one time was tons of fun :)
7. I recently (as in last night) wrote my first news article for a 'real paper' but I don't know if it will be published...
8. I got on a new health kick and started running again... I've already run twice this week... wahoo!
9. I found a new love for grapes! They are tasty and convenient :)
10. I became friends with another Lisa and she's way cool ha ha ha
11. I visited one of my best friends in California and booked a flight to visit her again next week for her wedding :)
12. I finally went dancing with a couple of friends and I realized I'm too old for Top 40 Night...
13. I've made some wicked awesome birthday cakes in recent months for some friends in my ward
14. I received Best In Show in the Advanced Amateur division in the county fair with my little girl on the beach photo.
15. I tried out for American Idol which was the lamest thing I think I've ever done, but I met Justin Guarini :)
16. I am trying my hand in serving in a new restaurant when it finally opens! I've been through training for it though...
17. I learned how to make authentic Italian spaghetti a couple months ago... don't ask me to make it now though, I honestly don't remember!
18. I had my iPod stolen and I got a new one for my birthday and I listen to it all the time!
19. I refused to pay money to park on campus so I found a street off campus to park on and then I walk 15 minutes to my classes but I'm grateful for the extra exercise.
20. I took adorable cheerleading pictures of my niece... and I have to share my favorite :)
To see all 10 check out my photo blog!
21. I've updated my website... although I haven't exactly published it yet. But you can look it up again in the next month or so.
22. I found a new favorite restaurant... it's called Pelton's and it's attached to the new Bingham's bike shop in Ogden.
23. I went to a few concerts in the last couple months... and realized I'm probably too old for them too... at least the rock concerts...
24. I rejoined my old choir, but only two days a week. It's ok with the director so it's ok with me :) I've missed my friends...
25. I finished the Book of Mormon for the third time the night before my birthday and had my testimony confirmed :)

That's it for now! I'll probably be writing more often once I figure out my schedule so feel free to leave comments because I love them!