September 21, 2008


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1. Growing up, I refused to try new foods. If I had never had it before, it contained something I thought I didn't like, or it just looked weird, I wouldn't eat it. I never ate spaghetti with my family because I didn't like tomatoes... I would eat Spaghetti-O's instead (don't ask, I don't get it either). Then, one day, I was eating a rice bowl that had green and red peppers in it. I didn't like them at all, but as I tried to pick them out I realized there were too many so I just ate them. I now love them... and I try to give new foods a chance.

2. I also have a candy quirk... my absolute FAVORITE candy is cinnamon bears (hence the nickname from my grandpa) and when I eat them, I always eat the body first and leave the head for last. In doing this, I figure out which one was the hottest and eat that head very last.

3. This one may be annoying to other people, or maybe no one has ever noticed. My favorite number is 8, so when I tap my feet or strum my fingers, I do it in sets of 8 and I can't stop until I've completed all 8. I actually think that's an OCD thing.

4. I usually would rather be somewhere else. I don't know what it is but I'm never really content with my location. For example, earlier today I was in California hanging out with Lindsay's family and meeting new people in her singles' ward, and all I could think about was the fact that I just wanted to be home. Now that I'm home, I kinda want to go back to Chino. I think that actually has something to do with the fact that I start work tomorrow and I still want to be on vacation.

5. I wear a ring on my left hand ring finger. I got this ring in Moab right before my grandma died and it is just comforting to me. People have told me that it's weird because I'm not married (Lindsay made me switch it to my other hand for her wedding because it bugs her) but I don't know, I just wear it there to remind me of her I guess. Maybe that's why I don't date!

6. I get on major health kicks (I actually plan on starting again tomorrow, the wedding threw me out of the healthy wheel for a bit) and I have a very... slim diet. I don't really have time to cook anything while I'm out at school and work, and I refuse to pay tons of money for greasy food so I usually just have a fiber bar or something for lunch and that's it. It helps with the calorie count, though!

I now tag Joann, Crash, Amber, Mom, Amy (ha!), and Annica.


Joann said...

I eat the heads first. Is that morbid?