September 17, 2008

This Week

This is going to be short and sweet because, well, I have to pack before I can go to bed! This week has been pretty fun :) monday I saw that my first ever real news article was published in the school paper! I think you can look it up if you just google WSU Signpost or something to that effect. It was an article on the top three reality shows on campus... pretty exciting! Yesterday, Amber and I went to a Body Jam class at the gym. It's just like it sounds... totally awesome! It's upbeat and fun and dancing and just plain awesome! Or wicked awesome if you prefer, which I probably do. We found out that they have the same class at another gym on wednesday nights so we went tonight, too. I didn't do as well, I think I'm just tired. Then, afterward, we went to hear my friend Greg play at an open mic night so I could interview him after for my next article. And tomorrow I leave for California!!! I'm so excited to see my Lindsay and to be there for her wedding. I know I can't actually see her get married which kinda stinks but I'm proud of her for making it through her long engagement! She is showing me what I have to look forward to and I'm so glad she made the decisions she did. She is really a great example :) Well, I guess that should be it since I have a lot to do still and only 40 minutes before I force myself to go to bed. Chow!