September 9, 2008


It's been a while since I've posted so I thought I would take a minute or two and post something now.
I turned 25 a week ago (I know, I'm old) and since I don't really have anything in particular to write about I'm going to make a list of 25 things I've done in the last few months!
1. I recently started my last YEAR of school :)
2. I quit a job that I had been working at for almost 6 years :) :) :)
3. I got an internship where I only have to work 8 hours a week and I really like it!
4. I helped put together a girls' camp for my singles ward relief society which turned out really nice.
5. This one gets a picture... I hiked to the Timpanogos Caves with a few friends and it pretty much rocked!
6. I only got to raft with my family once this year which is disappointing but that one time was tons of fun :)
7. I recently (as in last night) wrote my first news article for a 'real paper' but I don't know if it will be published...
8. I got on a new health kick and started running again... I've already run twice this week... wahoo!
9. I found a new love for grapes! They are tasty and convenient :)
10. I became friends with another Lisa and she's way cool ha ha ha
11. I visited one of my best friends in California and booked a flight to visit her again next week for her wedding :)
12. I finally went dancing with a couple of friends and I realized I'm too old for Top 40 Night...
13. I've made some wicked awesome birthday cakes in recent months for some friends in my ward
14. I received Best In Show in the Advanced Amateur division in the county fair with my little girl on the beach photo.
15. I tried out for American Idol which was the lamest thing I think I've ever done, but I met Justin Guarini :)
16. I am trying my hand in serving in a new restaurant when it finally opens! I've been through training for it though...
17. I learned how to make authentic Italian spaghetti a couple months ago... don't ask me to make it now though, I honestly don't remember!
18. I had my iPod stolen and I got a new one for my birthday and I listen to it all the time!
19. I refused to pay money to park on campus so I found a street off campus to park on and then I walk 15 minutes to my classes but I'm grateful for the extra exercise.
20. I took adorable cheerleading pictures of my niece... and I have to share my favorite :)
To see all 10 check out my photo blog!
21. I've updated my website... although I haven't exactly published it yet. But you can look it up again in the next month or so.
22. I found a new favorite restaurant... it's called Pelton's and it's attached to the new Bingham's bike shop in Ogden.
23. I went to a few concerts in the last couple months... and realized I'm probably too old for them too... at least the rock concerts...
24. I rejoined my old choir, but only two days a week. It's ok with the director so it's ok with me :) I've missed my friends...
25. I finished the Book of Mormon for the third time the night before my birthday and had my testimony confirmed :)

That's it for now! I'll probably be writing more often once I figure out my schedule so feel free to leave comments because I love them!


Tawni said...

You've done so many fun things! What restaurant are you going to work at?

Ashley said...

You've been busy! That was a fun post. I, too, love comments. :)

Coul and Kelse Rich said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! You have done so many fun things, I love it!! Kelse (Cragun) Rich

Amber S said...

Thanks Lis. Pelton's. I could not remember the name. You pretty much rock!

Joann said...

Check you out! Take me with you!