August 29, 2008

Goodbye Elections!

Well today was officially my last day as an employee in the Elections department. To be quite honest, I'm a little... ECSTATIC! Holy cow it really does feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have been working there just short of 6 years, which is actually quite long for a temporary job to get me through school.
I finally decided that working full time and going to school part time wasn't going to help me much, especially in an office that I hated going to every day. I turned in my letter of resignation three weeks ago and it wasn't very, um, real I guess. I don't think it actually hit me until today when I started cleaning up my desk area. I took pictures down from the wall, cleared up all the papers, filled out my last time card, and let out a big sigh. Here is all that was left...Everyone kept asking me, "are you a little sad to be leaving?" I'm not necessarily sad to be leaving. Actually, it really is a big relief. It IS kind of scary, however, because I've been so secure in that lifestyle for so long. Now, I've been training to be a server at a new restaurant and I start my internship with America First on my birthday! But I am really nervous for such a big change. I never really saw myself working anywhere else beside the election office because I was comfortable there. I knew exactly what I was doing and what needed to happen. Now, I don't have a clue about what is going to happen anywhere! It's really, really scary but I know I'll get through the next 8 months and I'll finally graduate.
But for now, here are a few pictures to help you see a little bit (not too much, security issues) about my life in elections.
One of my little jobs was to change the calenders every month. I kind of took this one on myself... okay, so I wouldn't let anyone else touch them because their handwriting didn't match mine! I'm a tad obsessive compulsive in that respect.
This is our one way sign and part of Terry's Mountain Dew can/bottle collection. The cans and bottles line most of the partition wall, I forget where we got the sign.
This is Scott and Dave working at their computers... Scott is trying his hand at my street segmenting job. He actually did really well and only asked a few questions. I could tell he was just as nervous as I was when the other Dave left me there to do it all on my own.
This is my computer with my award-winning photo on the screen. I was going to take it off and just leave a standard picture on the screen for the next person to use it, but for some reason I just couldn't take my photo off the computer! It was the weirdest thing!
Scott waited for me to get off so I didn't have to walk out of the building for the last time as an employee all by myself. I'm such a dork, but I made him take a picture with my just outside the employee entrance. Actually, Scott is one the of the people in the office I really got along with. He kept me from going insane a few times, probably more than a few. He's really cool.
All in all, I am going to miss MOST everybody from the office. It is really weird leaving... really weird. All I can do now is hope and pray that everything with my new jobs will go well and I will get through to graduation. I did get a blessing from my dad and two brothers-in-law last Sunday that helped a lot with all my fears. I know I can do this because everyone has faith in me. Uh, oh... tears... of joy!


MKG said...

Go Lisa! Love, MKG

Annie said...

IT'S FINALLY OVER!!!! Yeah Lisa! Congrats!