September 14, 2008

The Weekend

This weekend was actually a lot of fun! On friday I was done with school and everything by noon, so Amber and I went to the gym for a little bit before I headed up to the valley.
My parent's ward has a Relief Society retreat every September and I usually go with them. My mom told me this year it was the 12th and 13th and it just happened to be a weekend when I didn't have training or anything! So I got to go up friday night with my mom. I took my sleeping stuff just in case, but I didn't know if I was for sure staying the night or not. We learned how to make rolls, ate some really good soup (I tried three different kinds) and had a woman come and talk to us about different things to do with your family. I got some really, really good ideas for when I have a family of my own :) and then we just played games for the rest of the night. I'll have pictures when I get them from Johnine :) I got to spend some time with these awesome women who I don't see much anymore because I'm in the singles' ward and it was tons of fun. I also got some REALLY good ideas for games to play at my Original Game Night for enrichment, whenever that actually happens. One involves m&ms, straws, cups, dice and sucking... it was so much fun! The other involved peanuts, yarn and a pan lid... so funny! The whole night was loud and crazy and I loved it! We didn't go to bed until around midnight, and I stayed up a little later because the noises in the old cabin freaked me out. The next morning we got up too early, had yummy breakfast, learned different ways to journal (yes, I talked about my "online journal" experience with my blog and how AWESOME blogs are!) and then we had the home-wrecking olympics. My mom and I had to leave early so she could make brownies and I could go to the gym. I met Amber and Lisa there and we had an awesome workout. I totally ran a 5k on the treadmill, which wasn't too difficult, and lifted weights and worked on our abs and stuff. Definitely a good workout! Then Lisa and I got ready and went to my ward tailgate party before the WSU Homecoming football game. I was going to go there, run down to my family tri-fecta activity and then go back up to the football game. When Lisa saw that they were eating hot dogs, she decided to come with me. We drove to see the fam, ate dinner, chatted a bit, and made it back to see WSU cream Dixie 44 to 7. Hallelujah! We're actually winning games! Then we went to see Iron Man at the dollar theater which was really awesome. I'm totally buying that when it comes out on DVD if I have enough money from my minimum wage job :) Then today I went to see my friend Spencer give his "I'm leaving on a mission" talk and then went to my ward to hear the same type of talk from Clint. Then I got to spend tonight at home with my family... aw! It was such a good weekend and I'm so excited to go to California this next weekend! Good times!!!