October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend

I thought I would write a little bit about this weekend because it's been kinda fun! Yesterday General Conference started and the talks were really, really awesome. It's amazing how much we can still learn and how, if we have our hearts and minds open with questions, we can get answers. The amazing-ness of Conference just had to be interupted with work :( but it was alright. The restaurant wasn't busy AT ALL and the only reason I had three tables was because Amber brought Lisa and Tiffany for dinner and later Mary brought Sarah in for soup and dessert. It was really fun and relaxed... and I really hope they don't mind that I wasn't as 'professional' as I should have been. I only had one other lady all night and she was really nice.
After we closed early because of the lack of guests, I came home and met Amber, Lisa and Mary. We stayed up late doing facials and pedicures and watching a chick flick... ok, so the only one who actually stayed up for the whole movie was Mary, but we started it at 2 in the morning!
This morning I woke up a little early and made belgian waffles for everyone... from scratch! They were pretty ok, the raspberry peach sauce that my mom made for the top was really good and then we topped them off with whipped cream... YUM! They were really good if I do say so myself. Everyone stayed for the first session, but Mary and Lisa left right after. Amber and I went for a 3 mile walk along the canal road to burn off some of our large breakfast and after that we went to my grandpa's house for the last session of Conference. It was and amazing Conference and a really good weekend!


Joann said...

Sweet! You makin' waffles at our house next weekend?

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