November 25, 2008

Aw Yeah!

What an incredible week it's been! First of all... I finally got to see Twilight! I will admit, I was a little nervous about the movie with the people they chose for the characters and whatnot but I actually LOVE it! I went with a few friends, a lot from my old job and a few from choir. We didn't get tickets for the midnight showing, so we went at 2:40 the same morning. We woke up at 1, went to "breakfast" at Denny's and then went to the movie. It was so intense I couldn't have even thought of sleeping through it! You better believe I was exhausted the next day though...
Saturday was very busy. I fixed breakfast for enrichment, went to the high school play with my nieces and nephews, went to the second half of Weber's football game (which they sadly lost so we had to share the Big Sky title), studied for a little bit, and went to see Twilight... again. Tiffany couldn't go with us friday morning so we took her saturday night and we were joined by the other Lisa as well. Of course, it was amazing again and we loved every minute!
Sunday was awesome. I started the temple prep class even though things worked out the way they did. I figure I can still prepare myself, right? After church I went with my parent and Amber out to Mike and Amy's to have dinner for Amy's birthday. It was SO good and I totally stuffed myself... huge mistake because after that I went to a pie night with Amber for her family and friends. I got to see my good friend Beth and stuff myself even more with pie!
Monday morning (very early) I took a test and have since found out that I scored higher than everyone else I've talked to. That was a total miracle! Later I found out that I got a B on my research paper which had made me so cranky and depressed for a long time I was just so happy when it was done! After school, I played intern for a few hours and then went to work. That whole situation is a story in itself and I won't bore you with the details other than Jacque is a witch.
Anyway, I found out after I got there that my shift ended at 8:30 instead of 11. So... what did I do? I saw Twilight again... of course! My mom didn't know about the third time, but I suppose she'll know soon after I publish this :)
Today was pretty awesome, too. I talked to my AV teacher and she convinced me to take an advanced audio/visual class next semester in which I'll learn how to make movies and such. I'm really excited about the class, but even more excited that she asked me to do it! I also got to go to choir today, which is getting to be more of a blessing than I had anticipated for this semester. After choir I went to my newspaper writing class where my professor offered me a staff writing position next semester... and they'll pay me! They'll also pay me to take photos, I just need to figure out which I would rather do. How awesome though! And, my advisor helped me figure out how I can graduate in the Spring, so of course I'm stoked about that!
Wow... I'm seriously blessed. I hope things work out the way I have been figuring them to, but I know whatever happens, it's for the best. I can't wait to see what happens next!

P.S. I finally got to go to Body Jam tonight at my gym! I've missed it the last month or so and it was awesome to go. The instructor told me about auditions to be a Body Jam instructor... I'm so there!


Tawni said...

Sweet, you have so many good things going on! That's gotta make the end of the semester seem a little more bearable :)