February 24, 2009

My Family

I very much appreciate my parents for teaching me to be a good person (don't laugh, mom). I was brought up to know that I should do all I can to help someone when they really need me. I have always tried to really help as much as I can when one of my friends or family members is in a bind. There may have been times when I couldn't help out, but I do when I can.
As much as I appreciate the way I was brought up, it severely screwed me up...
As much as we may try to help, we should refrain because most of the time, those you are helping wouldn't do the same in return. If we help someone by picking them up if they are stranded or trying to make them happy when they are sad or chewing out a guy when he's hurt our best friend... none of that matters when we need the help.
Don't get me wrong, I know there are a few exceptions to everything. There are a few people who are willing to help... my parents for example (hence the way I learned to help friends). However, when I am in desperate need of doing something, a certification video for example, the people I try to help blow me off.
Now, I know I'm very frustrated right now and I know I will most likely feel at least a little different in the morning, but if I didn't at least write how I'm feeling I would probably explode as I try to sleep tonight.
For those of you who are and have been willing to help me, I am very grateful and I will always be there for you when you need me.
For those of you who choose frivolous activities with others when I really need you... well, I may not be available if you call.
When I have a family of my own, I may just teach my kids to count on themselves and no one else. That way they won't get disappointed as much!


MKG said...

Sorry, Lisa, but no matter what you say, I know that you will always be there to help a friend or family member who needs help. That's just the kind of person you are. Love, MKG

Joann said...

I know I have benefited from your help numerous times. I hope I can return the favor. Sometimes people don't know a good thing (of person) when they see it! Hope you're feeling better.

Special and Lucky said...

we have a blogspot wahooo

dena said...

You are not screwed up! However, you would be, and you wouldn't like yourself much, if you didn't help anyone that you could! You go're on the right track!

They're still your friends--accept them as they are and help them to be better people if possible.