December 15, 2010

Thinking out loud...

I just needed to post about a couple things I've been thinking about lately.

Recently, a friend of mine lost someone very close to her. I have been thinking about this friend ever since and get tears in my eyes every time I do. She is such a sweet person and completely selfless and nice to everyone. I love her so much and hate that she has to go through this tragedy. On the same note, this has made me so much more aware of how grateful I am for my family and the amazing people they are. They are wonderful examples and best of all, we love each other so much and we are so close. It almost makes me hurt even more for my friend because I don't know how I would cope losing any member of my family. I'm sitting here crying just thinking about it! I hope that in the coming days my friend knows how much I love her. She probably won't even read this (not many people do, I suspect) but at least someone out there will know how I'm feeling.

This also makes me grateful to know that IF something like this were to happen in my family, I at least have the knowledge that it wouldn't be the end. I'm not usually one to broadcast my beliefs on the internet (although I probably should be) but I do know that when this life is all over I will be with my family again. It might hurt for a little while, but we'll all be together eventually, and I find a great deal of comfort in that. I honestly can't imagine eternity without my amazing family.

Thinking out loud complete... for now.


Tiff said...

Just so you know I always read your blog. Think out loud anytime you want. Love you!

Anthony and Lindsay Dayton said...

I read every post you put up...and I'm so glad that we have the knowledge that not only family but friends and even acquaintances will be reunited ...LOVE YOU LOTS