February 11, 2011


Wednesday night was a tough night for me. I was asked to sub a cycling class right before Body Jam. I was very hesitant, but I figured since a had a team teacher for Jam I would be ok, so I took it. Right before cycling, the other girl called and told me she was sick and wouldn't be able to help me for the second class. I was physically exhausted already, and hearing that I had to teach two classes back to back on my own almost put me in tears.

I made it through RPM pretty well, grabbed a low-cal FRS drink, a banana, and started Jam. Wasn't sure if I was going to make it, but I had a couple people who were brand new that had talked to me before class and were both excited, so I kept the energy up as much as I could. Other people in the class helped out a lot, too!

Anyway, after the class, one of the girls that was brand new asked me to show her one of the moves she hadn't gotten the hang of. We ended up talking for about half an hour about her "weight loss journey," where she started, what her goals are, how she's doing it. She has an amazing story, and she's done it all on her own. She figured out her nutrition, what works for her. She's found workouts online that she can do in the gym. She just recently started going to group fitness classes which is where I met her the first time, and the second when she came to Jam. She mentioned how much fun she had in class and it totally made my night. Just talking with her has pushed me and helped continue my own progress. She's promised she'll be back every week, and I hope she is! Seeing and talking with her is going to help me immensely with my own goal! I can't wait until we have both reached what we are hoping for!