April 26, 2011

Sunshine, please?!

I just have to say, I typed in three different titles to this post, only to find that one after the other I had already used on my blog. I decided on this because, well, I'm in desperate need of sun. The rain and snow (yes, snow at the end of April) are making me even more depressed since it should be closer to summer weather than winter!

Anyway, it's been a very interesting weekend. Friday night was, of course, cupcake night. I was super excited for this particular flavor... RED HOTS! The recipe looked easy enough, except for the fact that there is no way possible to crush Red Hots. The cupcakes themselves came out ok, a little dry (and a few a little burned), and the Red Hot syrup smelled absolutely amazing! My close friends and family know how much I love cinnamon flavored ANYTHING and smelling the syrup made me a little crazy. Anyway, the frosting called for some of the syrup and crushed Red Hots. I couldn't for the life of my figure out how to crush them, so ended up using extra syrup to try and make it more cinnamon-esque, leaving no syrup to spread on the top of the cupcakes before frosting. My niece helped me, and she said they were ok in the end, so I guess it was worth it. Other critics were pleased as well. I'll admit, I was so excited about this flavor that I sneaked one for myself and put it in the freezer amongst all the other treats I'm saving.

Saturday was pretty great. I finally got a pump class in after a week of launches and then Jammed out at a club in Bountiful to help with their launch. Later that afternoon I had a wicked awesome photo shoot (of me this time) with a really great friend who helped me with my diet during the competition at the gym. She's pretty much a photo rock star, and we both think we should go into business together :) After that, delicious Cadbury Mini Egg cookies at my parents' house (pictured here courtesy of and bed...

Sunday we heard all from our bishopric because there will be major changes coming this week. I'll be going to the ward I'm actually assigned to, which is kinda of bitter sweet.

Last night, we had our final ward activity. It was really fun and I had a blast hanging out with the ward peeps. I hadn't been to an activity for a long time, I've been missing out! Last week a bunch of them helped me move apartments and I love them so much for that!

Anyway, that's pretty much it. Except for the rain... and snow... I'm just done! One more 20 mile run this weekend, which it had better be sunny for, and then the training starts winding down. Just over three weeks left! I can SO do this... maybe :) the cookies next to me smell pretty amazing!