June 8, 2011


So... I missed last week! I was focused completely on my trip to Arizona and totally forgot to blog! Oops. I'll make up for it, I promise.

The week before last week I pretty much just took as a recovery from the marathon. I did a few classes (even a couple extra) and barely ran at all. I really, really need to get back into training for the half marathon in July! I have to finish in under two hours! We'll see what happens.

I need to get something out. It turns out, adding sugar back into my diet has NOT been a good thing! My "free" days I go absolutely crazy and, honestly, the sugar makes me so cranky. Last Wednesday, I gave myself a free day and did pretty well while I was at work. When I got home, however, I found the mini eggs, frosting, cupcake and Reese's in the freezer as well as the cinnamon bears in the cupboard... and a shared Blondie at Applebee's. Ugh. I was so, so cranky from the sugar! It doesn't make me happy. It makes me upset. The same thing happened Sunday at my brother's house in Arizona when I overloaded on delicious cake, peach cobbler, ice cream and cookies. They were fantastic, don't get me wrong. But I just got so mad at myself for not having will power to slow down.

So, my new goal is to leave the "free day" for only special occasions and no more than once a week. Hopefully I'll be able to control my sugar eating! On the way to Arizona I read Bob Harper's book Are You Ready! and it was fantastic. It was all about loving yourself and respecting your body enough to carefully consider everything that goes in it. I'm already to the point where I need to review the first section of the book, but, I highly recommend it!

That's it for now... I will, very soon, post about the trip AND the amazing new toy I recently acquired :)


Keri said...

Wow, you are awesome. I dont know if I'd have the self control over sugar.....Keep it up! You look awesome and if it makes you happier then all the more reason! :) I guess right now is a bad time to say you could swing by for cake and ice cream at Maddie's party tomorrow? haha!

Lisa said...

Oh, man! I don't know how to make it so I get notified when I get comments... I didn't even see this til today!