August 23, 2011

A little get-away... to DISNEYLAND!!!

The last couple weeks have been sort of fabulous. The 12th and 13th of this month I was lucky enough to run the Epic Cache-Teton relay with my oldest brother and sister. I ran last year with my bro and it was so much fun and I'm so happy I could do it again this year.
Because I had run the Ogden Marathon in May, our team captain decided to give me the second hardest leg in the whole race. I was seriously intimidated, especially when I saw the first hill I had to climb. This picture is right after I finished my first leg.

I can't decide if I'm sucking in air or water. Either way, it was so HARD! I got sick on my second leg with about 2 miles left, but I made up for it by helping out other people on our team. This is one of my favorite pictures from the relay, even if I am in my shorty shorts...

Our team finished in just over 31 hours. A little slower than last year, but it was still EPIC! Go Vilage Idiots!

The day after the relay, I decided to celebrate with a little trip to DISNEYLAND! I went with a few friends from the ward and ended up with more friends than when we left! There were a few (ok, a lot more than a few) issues along the way, but the whole week was pretty much a blast. This pretty much sums up every moment of the trip.

Oh, how I heart this picture! I was lucky enough to see a good friend who lives in California as well and spend time with her cute little family.

The best part...? Spending time with them at the BEACH! Every time I go to the beach, it reminds me of how much I would love to live in California.
The only bad part for me really was having to spend time with someone I wasn't really ready to spend time with just yet. Still, I wouldn't trade that week for anything in the world. It was so, so nice to get away from everything for a while and just have some FUN!
Here are a few more photos... just to make you a little jealous :)

Just the girls!

At the Chinese Theater in Hollywood... my hand fit with Marilyn Monroe!

Such a fun group!

Oh, I was so excited to see Woody and Jessie... Toy Story is one of my FAVS!

We got to stop at the Shelby Museum in North Vegas and I was oh so happy... never mind the fact that we were stuck there for about 5 hours... that's a whole other story.
Needless to say, I did not like coming back to work yesterday. DISNEYLAND!!!