January 4, 2012

New Year's Reso.... ah forget it! Ha ha!

I had made a resolution last year to post once a week. Obviously, that didn't happen! It's been since our last Body Jam launch that I wrote on my blog and it's just about launch time AGAIN! I'm using the crazy energy we had last time to kick this one up, too. Hopefully it will be just as insane as the last!

One thing I really, really hope to finish this year is the photo-a-day project. My aunt did it last year and, yep, she has 365 photos to remember 2011 by! Since this is a leap year, I'll be getting 366 photos for 2012. I for sure want to finish this thing no matter what! I've taken my pictures every day, just have posted them anywhere yet. It's very possible I'll make a collage each week and post it on my blog. I'm not going to say I'll post once a week. That way, if I happen to skip here and there I won't feel super guilty.

So many things are coming this year! My second marathon - which inevitably means my second cupcake project (hint, hint, flavor ideas NEEDED), my 5th Canyonlands Half Marathon, hopefully my first half marathon in another state, the possibility of moving yet again to who knows where, starting out the year with a super cute boyfriend (ah, I finally said it...), photographing my first wedding with an international groom, and many changes I'm sure are coming!

That's it for right now, I guess. I'll keep ya posted ha ha!