September 28, 2009


So, just a quick story...
Today, for lunch, a co-worker and I went to the local Albertson's to get something quick for lunch and so I could get some water. Our water cooler is starting to taste nasty and I really needed the good stuff, but that's beside the point. We were walking out of the store when a guy sitting in his car yelled to us about all the stuff we had. After we set our loads in the car, he yelled to us to come over. I didn't dare, but Jay walked right over. The guy started talking about how Albertson's was recently bought out by another chain and the name would change soon. Then he started talking about another store that was in the same situation just down the road. He was telling us about how "NiQuil in the regular stores is like nine bucks, but right now you can get it there for a buck-fifty, and that's great cuz I got this cold I'm tryin' to get rid of..." Wow, then he asked how long we had been married... uh, seeing as how I just met the guy a month ago, it couldn't have been long! He told us that we should go over to that other store and get some "high-end perfume... you know, the stuff that's normally sixty bucks... you can get it there for about $10." Jay kept telling him that we just worked together, but he was pretty adamant in telling us about these great deals. Finally, we told him we had to get back to the office (yeah, office... I'll write that up later). The whole way back, Jay was making fun of him. It was hilarious. People can be so nuts!


Tiff said...

Haha...that's funny!