November 25, 2009

So... it's been a while :)

Ok, so it's been since the end of September since I blogged last... oops! I told myself that once I graduated and had more time I would blog more but that hasn't happened. I'm redeeming myself now!

After I graduated in May I couldn't find a job to save my soul! I looked all the time, but never got anywhere. My sister, Joann, and her family lived with us for a while during the summer while they hunted for a new house, so my life wasn't totally boring. I did have a photo job here and there, too, which I loved. Those jobs definitely save me as far as money goes! You can see most of the pictures on my other blog, stare at them, gawk over them, fall in love with them, etc. :) just kidding...

In August, I was getting really fed up with not having employment. I had an interview with Sherwood Hills in the Sardine Canyon, but nothing ever came of that. I'm really happy that I didn't get that job, though. It wouldn't have been a good job for me. In the middle of August, when Sherry and I were on our way up to Boise to see Gandalf (YAYAH!) I got two, got that, TWO calls for two different interviews the next day. I went to my first interview with GroupLink and felt really good about it. The interview went really well and it just felt like a good environment. The second interview, which I had to race to get to, was for a chiropractic office. It was a group interview and really not a great position. I kept praying that I would get the job at GroupLink, and about a week later they called and offered me the position! I was so, so, SO happy! I was literally jumping up and down for hours! I couldn't start until after I came back from Phoenix for Dan and Dalena's open house, so my official first day was August 31st.

I've been working as a technical writer for almost three months. The people I work with are great... mostly guys which accounts for considerably less drama - not no drama, but less. My desk is next to a huge window which looks out at the Bountiful temple and it's beautiful! After six months, I'll have benefits including health insurance so that's awesome, too.

Working in Bountiful has been good but the commute is really crappy. I'm looking into moving to the Layton/Kaysville area with an awesome girl from my ward. She works further south, as well, and it would be great for both of us.

I'm really super excited (if you can't tell) about all these changes. This weekend I'm going to brave the Black Friday crowds and see if I can't get some awesome deals on necessities for my new place (whenever it presents itself). CAN'T WAIT!!!


Ashley said...

Congrats on your new job, Lisa. It sounds awesome!