December 28, 2009

So... tired...

I went over to my tan truck to get my bag out and there were two guys leaning against the truck smoking. Fabulous I though to myself. I unlocked the truck, grabbed my bag, locked it back up and started to walk away. "Do you think you could, um, not smoke leaning against my truck?" I said as I turned to face the two guys. "No, I don't think we can do that," the blond one said.
"Seriously, get away from my car."
"Seriously, get over it."
This infuriated me. I must have been having a bad day, and this confrontation made me snap. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and started to dial 9-1-1, but the blond smoker had his phone out too while the brunette just stood there.
"I'd like to report a small child choking," the creep said as I heard the dispatcher from my phone ask for the emergency information.
"The guy I'm standing next to is reporting a small child choking, and he's lying. He's also threatening me," I told the woman I was talking to, although I had a feeling she wasn't going to be any help.
As I tried to explain my situation, the blond guy jumped into a white minivan (which I could only guess was his mother's) and started to speed toward me. I jumped out of the way, and he sped out of the parking lot with his friend in a blue minivan following close behind him.
Even with the two of them gone, I still didn't feel right about the situation. Uneasily, I went to my first class.
Class hadn't started yet, but spectators who had seen the incident in the parking lot were wildly talking about what they had just seen. A friend of mine came over, put his arm around me, and kissed me on the top of my head.
"That was kinda freaky," he said as he picked up the bag he had set down a moment ago. "Guess what, though. I'm recording in your booth today."
Honestly, I had no idea what he was talking about and I was a little distracted, so all I could mutter back was, "cool."
He left, and everyone in my class took their seats, avoiding the desks close to me. I should have known this was a sign of what was to come, but I thought nothing of it.
Just after class had started, I saw a dog sitting just outside the open door, staring at me.
The dog seemed massive, a rottweiler doberman pincher mix, foaming at the mouth. I hadn't noticed a dog with the two men in the parking lot, but I was sure it belonged to them.
Everyone else in the room looked to see what I was staring at just as the dog started moving closer to me.
"Just talk to it, try to calm it down," my brother said quietly over the hushed crowd and dog's growls.
"Lucy, it's ok. You don't need to hurt anyone," I said to the beast. I don't know how I knew the dog's name, it just came to me.
As she inched closer, scowling, I laid my hand on her head to try and calm her. As I did this, I noticed the two men had slit her throat. It was a clean cut, and she wasn't bleeding. I knew they had done this as a message to me. If she couldn't finish me off, they would come back and do the job themselves.
Lucy kept eyeing me, intent do to what she was sent here to do. I put both hands on her head behind her ears to try and show her I didn't want to hurt her, hoping she would return the favor.
I could see she wasn't going to give up on her mission, so I carefully placed my leg in a position that when she lunged for me I could knock her away. I was sure she wouldn't be a match for me from this position. I've been going to the gym so much lately, and my legs are really strong I thought to myself.
Without much time to react, Lucy jumped toward me, teeth bared. I placed my foot in the hollow of her stomach, and her face fell just short of mine. She was so close at this point I could see directly into the hole in her neck. Her vocal chords vibrated as she whimpered from my blow.
It was then I remembered the others in the room. Why aren't they coming to help me?
As I stared at the dog, wondering when she would regain her strength to strike again, my brother ran over and poured hot liquid down her throat through the open hole.
"This will put her to sleep," he said as he held up a box of Theraflu.
I thought it was strange, but the dog started to doze so I was thankful... very, very thankful.
Just before the dog fell asleep she looked inside of her and said,"I'm sorry, my babies."
I looked into the body of the now lifeless dog and watched as three puppies whimpered and died.
It was horrible that such a creature and her little babies had to die, but I was very relieved. I had survived the attack, for now. I knew the men from the parking lot would find out I was still alive and finish the job the dog was sent to do. But, for now, I was safe.

This is the dream that woke me up just after 4 this morning after having gone to bed around 12:30. I was so freaked, I couldn't get back to sleep. Let's hope there isn't a sequel and I can get some restful sleep tonight!


dena said...

Is this the inspiration/start of your first novel? Has to count for something, waking you up like that!

My Boys, Life's Joys said...

Oh my gosh, hahahaha! At first I thought this was really happening. Then when the dog entered the scene I was like, "What the...?" Haha, this made me laugh. I hate freaky dreams like this. If you ever have more like this, please do share again :)

AJ said...
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AJ said...

That is so cool...! can I copy.. JK but i might share.. :D