March 16, 2011


Last weekend was absolutely terrible... well, at least Sunday was. My sister and her husband went to Las Vegas to watch some college ball and had to miss their oldest daughter going to her first prom. I told my sister I would help out, fix Lex's hair, get her ready, be there when her date picked her up, etc. It was actually really fun! I made cupcakes with the other kids (chocolate peanut butter, YUM!) while she was on her day date and then went to work as soon as she got home. She looked beautiful! I'll post pictures as soon as I get them done.

That night, my parents decided to take the other kids out to dinner since Lex got to go out and have fun. We all went to Golden Corral... I think this is where the problem started. I had a huge salad, lots of chicken, a couple wheat rolls, and veggies. I was super full, not hungry at all for the rest of the night. I waited til Lex got home from her date and went to sleep. Sunday morning I woke up and had egg beaters for breakfast (another contributor), dropped the kids off at church, and went home. As soon as I got home, I started feeling a little... ok... a LOT yucky. I tried to take a nap before I had to get up for church, but I was very, VERY nauseated and spent a good portion of the morning in the bathroom. Needless to say, I wasn't going to church. I was sick all day Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday morning.

I was worried I had food poisoning, so I worked four hours Monday morning, taught an RPM class at noon (which was probably a really bad idea) and went to the doctor. They did blood tests, gave me a liter of fluid with an IV because I was dehydrated, and sent me home. I stayed at my parents house for a few hours then went back to my apartment. I was so sick that night that it took a couple hours to get to sleep. I went to work yesterday until we got our paychecks, then went home to get packed for my trip.

Last night, I was feeling a lot better and had no trouble getting to sleep. I was able to wake up this morning and get a nice six mile run in before I left for Indiana.

Anyway, all this sickness and loss of appetite got me down to my goal weight! It was a very unhealthy way to get there (not recommended at all), and I'll probably gain a few pounds back now that I'm eating fairly regularly, but it was exciting to get there at least! I still have 26 days before the challenge ends, so now my goal is to keep up with my weight and build more muscle. That'll start as soon as I get back from the race this weekend. I'm totally ready to KICK SOME TRASH!!!