March 10, 2011

Meet Me Halfway

This week has gone by very quickly! Even though it's already Thursday, it's still been long, if that makes any sense at all. I had no idea what to post about this week and then I realized a very important event is coming up...

Saturday, March 12th, marks the HALF WAY POINT of my sugar fast! I know I obsess about it a bit (obsess being a kind way to put it) but I can't believe I've actually made it half way through! I still have bad days, days when I really, really want to break and eat just a cookie or something, but I've made it this far there's NO WAY I'm breaking now!

Next week should be pretty exciting. I get to go to a partner conference out of state and give a presentation on our product for work. My very first presentation session EVER and I'm going all by myself. (insert Pull-Ups theme song "I'm a big girl now" here)

The day I get back from Indiana, I leave to go to Moab for my 5th Canyonlands Half Marathon. I'm so anxious for this race, I can't even describe it! I'm racing against the same coworker I beat last year and I really hope I can beat him again. I've been training really well because of the marathon in May, so I think I can do it. Really, I just want to get in under an hour and 50 minutes. We'll see what happens. Aside from that, my old roommate is coming with me. I didn't want to go alone, so I thought I'd bring her along since she's never seen me race and wanted to go on a road trip. It should be a pretty fun weekend IF I don't die.

Last side note: IT'S SUNNY OUTSIDE!!!