May 21, 2008

Girls' Night Out!

At least once a month (usually more often than that) my girl friends and I get together for dinner and awesome conversation. Last night we decided to try Jeremiah's on 12th street by the freeway. The service for a group of 13 people wasn't too great, fairly slow actually, but the food was pretty good and the company was way too much fun! We talked about everything from guys to accidentally running into cars when we weren't paying attention to walking through wet cement. I love going out to dinner with these girls...we have so much fun and it gives everyone a chance to get caught up on everyone's lives. There will be more in the future, but I thought I'd write about last night because it was fun and I wanted to remember it :)


MKG said...

You have 7-8 posts on your blog and only 3 pictures. And you are a photographer?!? [We] want pictures!
Love, MKG

Tiff said...

I decided girls night out's are even more fun when your on lortab!! LOL

Lisa said...

I've tried to put pictures on the right side but for some reason they won't ever load!