May 18, 2008


I got chastised tonight for not writing on my blog often so I thought I would write some random thoughts :) I know, I know, my bishop is thinking "I just mentioned, there was no chastisement involved," but sometimes I like to be a little over dramatic! I guess I haven't written much in the last week because I really don't have a lot to write about. I did have some very exciting experiences the last few days so I'll mention them now...
I had the opportunity to photograph two weddings this week! I'm so happy that is what I've chosen to do the rest of my life. I have so much fun working with amazing couples on their special day... I like it a little less when people assure me that it will happen for me someday but I have learned to just brush that off and concentrate on doing my best to make the couple's day remembered. I absolutely love taking photographs and I love working on them days after the wedding. I almost find it theraputic. It's such a nice change from the mind-numbing, boring, annoying job I do during the day. Those are only a few words I use to describe my day job, but I won't get into how much I loathe it right now. This is meant to be a happy post!
Yesterday I got to spend a couple hours serving a few people around the neighborhood and I got to know a few people a little better which always makes me happy. I love becoming friends with people and I like helping out where I can (my mom is probably laughing as she reads this). Then last night I had a really great time on what I think was a date...but I won't mention more because of other feelings and frustrations and people who know people. Needless to say, it was a great week to follow and amazing week. If only I could do what I love more often I would be a much happier person. But we all have to go through some crud to get to the good part of life, right? So I guess the title of this post shouldn't be venting, but maybe just story-telling. Too bad...I'm not going to change it :)


MKG said...

It was a date and I'm glad you had a great time. Love, MKG