May 10, 2008


The last week has been absolutely incredible. I had the opportunity to go on my third tour with the Ogden Institute Choralaires and Folk Dancers who are AMAZING people. We went to Nephi, Fillmore, and Richfield, UT which I thought would be the armpit of the state but it turned out to be so awesome. I met so many new people and became better friends with them and my old friends. Although there were some ill feelings (something I don't quite understand but couldn't do anything about) I still had such a great time. The time I have spent with this amazing group is something I hope I will never forget. I want to remember every seminary class we sang in, every senior center we visited, and every person I met and performed for. I remember in one class in Fillmore there was a seminary student on the front row who started crying when we sang My Country 'Tis of Thee. It was so touching to see how much these young people care about those who are serving our country. I also remember the cute little ladies I met in Fillmore and Richfield in the Sr. Centers. One lady I met, I think her name was Erma, came to our show that night and I saw her standing with her husband at the very end. I also met a lady in Richfield (I never got her name, dang!) who couldn't come to our show because she was coming up to SLC for a square dancing festival. I had told her that was my favorite part of the Ogden Pioneer Parade and she said she has danced in it before. As we left I got a few friends (most everyone joined by the end) to sing one last song for her and she LOVED it! It was so amazing... I especially loved the families we stayed with. I loved seeing the way two happy parents raised their two young boys and how an older couple can take care of two college girls with such happy hearts. We actually got invited back to Fillmore...wahoo! Our trip to the Manti temple was nothing short of amazing. I had prayed for peace and comfort for some things and immediately felt it when I went in the confirmation room. I started crying and didn't stop the entire time. I stood and listened to everyone else sing 'How Great Thou Art' in the cafeteria because I just couldn't make the words come out but it was still fabulous. To top it off we went to Cove Fort and met the greatest missionaries. One sister missionary, Sister Hansom, loved us so much that she invited us to look her up in Toquerville and stay with them for a day or so. I had so many incredible experiences to end my time with the Choralaires. I am so, so sad to be leaving (I'm almost in tears now thinking about it) but I know that I need to move on and get things done in my life. To all of you who have changed my life, I love you!!!

P.S. The tears came by the end of that sentence :)


MKG said...

I'm glad you had a good time and that you got to know more people. You are an influence for good for everyone - including me. I love you. MKG


Yea, you have a blog! Mine is if you want to look at it.
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