July 30, 2008

AI Reject!

Ok, ok, so I gave in and decided to try out for American Idol in SLC yesterday. I thought it would be a really fun experience even though I wasn't expecting to make it past the first round. Sam and I drove to the Energy Solutions Arena at 5:30 Monday morning to get me registered. I thought we would fight traffic and then, after getting there, fight the crowd to get in and get back home around 10. We got to the arena around 7:30 (I thought they didn't open til 8, but I guess it was 5) and there was NOBODY there. There were a few people walking away, but no one else at the registration tables. So it took all of 2 minutes and I was ready!
Yesterday we left around quarter after 4 and arrived just after 5. We waited on the sidewalk outside the former Delta Center until 8:30 with all the other thousands of people, read, talked, listened to other people being interviewed by news stations. It wasn't as... exciting... as I thought it would be.

I did, however, get my picture taken with Justin Guarini, runner up from season one. We got to the entrance and they were taking all our food away! Sam had a giant purse full of food, so she proceeded to empty a few things out in front of the security guy and, after only pulling out about 1/3 of our stash, grabbed her bag and walked in while he inspected my bag. Nice... so then we sang as a group and screamed for the cameras and everything and cheered for Ryan Seacrest. After all that hype, it was very boring. We all had to be quiet because they were auditioning down on the floor. I saw a few friends from choir and such there who were also auditioning. Tiffany's brother, Tyson, was there with his friend, but they were way, way ahead of me. I started texting him and he informed me that his belt had broken. Ha! I told him that the strap on my purse could be taken off and could be adjusted, so I took it over for him to try. It worked perfectly, and while we were over there the girl in front of him said she had an extra ticket in that section and gave it to me. So instead of waiting until 7ish to audition, I went around 2. I went, I sang, I left. That was about it. On the way home, a radio station asked for auditioners to call in and tell about the experience. I called in, and they asked me to sing for them. They played the clip right after the song was finished so at least I got to sing on the radio! Cool... overall, it wasn't terribly exciting, but better than being at work I guess :)


Tawni said...

That's totally awesome! Now you have a cool story to tell for generations!

Joann said...

I thought you sounded pretty good around the campfire. You can go to our HOLLYWOOD in Alpine. Did anyone you know make it?