July 4, 2008

Fair Photographs

I am entering three of the photographs from my blog (down on the right side) in the Weber County Fair in August. I could really use some help on choosing the best ones that will maybe win me something! If you can't tell, I like intense color :) I also have a few bridal and wedding photos that would possibly work as well. Let me know what you think, please! I will reorder them as people choose favorites and put the best ones at the top. Thanks everyone!


MKG said...

1 - Moab Sunset
2 - Winter Path
3 - California Skies

Julie said...

My top three favorites:
1. Winter Path
2. Airplane sunset
3. Moab Sunset

Joann said...

1 - Wall
2 - Antique
3 - Airplane

Not SURE what order I would put those in, but I like them the most. If I had a #4 it would be the Three Gossips.

Amber S said...

1.the wall that heals
2.moab sunset
3.the waterfall one

Amber S said...
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Brooke S said...

I like Wall, Moab Sunset, Antique

Jill said...

1- Stewart Falls
2- 3 Gossips
3- Antique

Karlee said...

Hey there Lisa! I happened to run across your blog! I was looking at the wedding gift you gave nate & i (which I love) and wondering how you were doing! I love your blog! And those pictures are georgous! I had a hard time picking but here's my vote:

1: A Wall that Heals
2: Airplane Sunset
3: 3 Gossips

dena said...

1. Winter Path
2. Three Gossips
3. Antique