July 1, 2008

First 5k of 2008

It's been a few days since, but I wanted to write about my first 5k of this year! Shron was in charge of the West Haven Days race last saturday so I decided to run it. I didn't have a very good week as far as being healthy goes (girls' camp is always unfriendly to the calorie count) so I was a little nervous. I ran most of the time, only walking twice for about 50 ft or so. I had some issues with a girl that was running in front of me most of the way (even skinny girls shouldn't wear short booty shorts) so I decided I had to pass her. I passed another girl about a quarter of a mile from the finish line and when I saw her coming up behind me closer to the end I didn't want her to beat me so I sprinted through the finish line. I ended up with my personal best for a 5k, 29 min. 21 sec. I know it's not the best and probably could be better, but I was very excited and it made me more motivated for this friday. Another exciting point of this race was that I received my first gold medal ever! I beat all the other girls in my age bracket, including a girl from my ward. There were only a few of us ages 18-24, but it still felt really good! I'm looking forward to racing again on the 4th, and am very excited to start training again for Canyonlands 2009! Woo hoo!!!


Amber S said...

so what's this about another 5k on the 4th? sorry i missed the west haven one. i really wanted to run. i really need to be running again. i have absoulutly nothing to do on the 4th. is it too late to register to run it? let me know. i would like to run. thanks chicka.

Tawni said...

Well that's a heck of a lot better than I could do! Good job!