June 29, 2008


I have a few things to write about from the last few days... but I thought I'd start with girls' camp because, well, it was first and SO MUCH FUN!!! I drove up wednesday morning (after a long day of working, if you remember tuesday's post). I was going to leave at 5:30 but I didn't get home early enough from election night to pack everything before I got exhausted. So after packing and filling up my tank I finally got on the road about 6:30. I got to camp about 8:30 (I got lost...ha!) and they were finishing up breakfast. We tie-dyed some socks and bathed in the near by river and lounged around the rest of the day. We ate yummy dutch oven dinner and did skits around the camp fire. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the can tell why! This is from the leaders' skit "Caterpillar Hunters."
This is my bishop putting on mascara for the priesthood skit... "trying new things" ha ha ha!
Every year Bev and I do a skit together called "Shorty." She uses her hands as Shorty's feet and we use mine as Shorty's hands. I get to do all kinds of fun things to her like put curlers in her hair, feed her bananas and pudding, help her drink water, exercise, and put on makeup. I was a little kinder this year than I have been in the past, but it was still loads of fun!
Thursday we woke up and made our breakfast with different utensils which is one of my favorite things to do at camp. My bishop's daughter, Rebecca, asked me to help her and I was way excited! She cooked using only tin foil and I got to cook with a dutch oven lid.
Our breakfasts turned out pretty good, but her dad helped her make other food also.
After breakfast we went on one of my favorite hikes up to Stewart Falls. It's so beautiful up there and the girls had lots of fun playing in the waterfall! I hiked with Josie, one of the youth leaders, and we talked about pretty much everything. That night was our awards, flag ceremony, and fireside testimony meeting... the highlight of the camp for me.

The flag ceremony is always so emotional because of what I was taught by my grandpa when I was younger. It always reminds me of him and I always cry without fail. It was an amazing night and I was so grateful to be there, even if it would have been just for that night.
Friday we packed up and came home. We were all happy to leave because our campsite was infested with thousands of fuzzy caterpillars! Despite the furry, annoying little creatures, I had so much fun at camp and learned a lot! The girls are so amazing and wonderful and, even though they are cranky sometime, they are so much fun to be around. I can't help but think every year that it will be my last and it makes me a little emotional. I love going with those girls and becoming close with them, even if I don't know them before. The leaders are amazing, too, to say the least. I learn so much from everyone and I hope I never forget one moment!


Tawni said...

Fun! I love Girls Camp!

Oh, by the way, I'm leaving for Guate on July 8, but I'm actually overloaded with donations right now and unfortunatley won't be able to take everything. Thanks so much for offering though! You're such a sweetie!

Tawni said...

Hmmmm...are they kid's sizes? If so, I might be able to squeeze them in somewhere.