June 3, 2008

Emergen-C Dreams

While spending time with the Barber family in St. George last winter, I learned the effects major amounts of vitamin C can have on your dreams. Joe and Justin mentioned that when they took Emergen-C right before bed they would wake up remembering the strange things that happened while they slept.
I've been feeling a little stuffy the last few days and started losing my voice on Sunday, so I decided to take some Emergen-C right before I went to bed last night not even thinking about what I would dream. I woke up this morning and remembered almost everything which doesn't happen often...
I was sitting in the chapel at my church with a few friends and we were just chatting before sacrament meeting started. One girl noticed that the meeting should have started ten minutes ago and the bishopric wasn't even there yet! We looked around and noticed that there were only girls in the chapel besides the bishop's brother, Russell, who is in our ward. We didn't know what was going on, but we knew we needed to start the meeting so our old Relief Society President got up to the pulpit and invited another ward to come in so we would have some priesthood members in the meeting. Russell had to conduct everything since he was the bishop's brother. When he got done conducting, he came and laid down on the floor next to our bench. He was freaking out because his brother was gone and no one knew where he was. I tried to console him, but he just got up and left with two other girls. After the meeting, I went to the bishop's office to see if he was there and I noticed the door was unlocked which it shouldn't have been if he wasn't there. The police arrived shortly after and I thought they would suspect me because I found the unlocked door so I hid in the parking lot until I woke up...
Want an interesting dream...? Take some Emergen-C right before bed!


Tiff said... good ole Emergen-C dreams! That's hilarious! I wonder if the bishopric just decided to strike after last weeks "pick on the bishopric" testimony meeting!?! LOL