July 27, 2008

Super Summer...

So before I head to bed tonight I thought I would quickly blog about my experience at the NO 25th Ward Super Summer Activity.
We went up to Alpine, WY to go white water rafting, so of course I was ecstatic! My family was supposed to go up there the same weekend so I was going to raft with the ward on Thursday and with the family on Friday, but they ended up not going. So wednesday I drove up with my dad and a few people from the ward and we set up camp. That night there were a few... over-excited... people by the camp fire until the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say, I was a little ticked about the noise level and my inability to sleep through it. Oh, well...
Thursday was my rafting day. I went on the first two runs, jumping in the freezing cold river on the first. It was so much fun and not as dangerous as we thought it would be with the water level where it was. The third run I went to take pictures of everyone on the rafts. It was a lot of fun!
That night, we went to see the Bar J Wranglers... the highlight for me... I love going to their show! Of course, it could have a little something to do with how handsome Brian is :) anyway, the show was hilarious, as expected and then we went back to camp for s'mores which I did splurge on.
Friday I didn't get to raft at all so I spent my time taking pictures and video at Lunch Counter (with Sam's help) and goofing around at the lake near our camp site. It was a lot of fun with our cheap blow up water loungers which, of course, I never got a picture of!
That night we had testimony meeting which was really good... they usually are... except for the fact that I 'thought' I was getting eaten by mosquitos all over. I didn't sleep well because I was itching so bad all night long. When we FINALLY got home Saturday (finally only because I was still itching miserabley) I realized it wasn't bites at all. I was having an allergic reaction to something, I never did figure out what. I've never been allergic to anything before, so it was really frustrating. I took benedryl every 4 hours without fail. The rash never completely went away until maybe Wednesday. It was pretty awful. But besides the nastiness of huge red welts all over, the trip was pretty fun! Sam and Kim and I bonded and had a blast!
It was really fun having dad there, too! :)


Joann said...

Who is Brian? I don't remember there being a "young" Bar-J Wrangler?!? I love the picture of you and Dad. You should frame it for him to put in his office. I bet he would love that!