July 2, 2008

Front Runner Here We Come!

I have a little down time at work, so I decided to write about mine and Tiffany's adventure to Salt Lake saturday afternoon. I'll post pictures later when I get home...
Tiffany and I met at the Union Station Front Runner stop around 12:45 and bought our first tickets ever for the the Front Runner! Riding the train was a lot of fun and, even though it takes a little longer, was so much better than driving down to Salt Lake in traffic. We chatted and took a couple pictures on the train and had fun :) We took Trax to the Gateway and spent a few hours there. We went shopping - it seemed every store we went into was having a sale - and spent money neither of us really have but we had so much fun doing it! We wandered a bit and then went to dinner at California Pizza of my favorite place. It was nice because the pizzas are big enough that two people can share one, which is what we did. After dinner we decided to head back home because we were supposed to be meeting people later that night and we thought we'd get back in enough time to freshen up a bit. For the first little while on the way back we had to stand, but it wasn't bad at all, even a little adventurous! After a while we found seats at a table on the in-between level of the train and we laid out all the things we bought and took pictures. I'm sure the people around us thought we were crazy, but we were totally having a blast! All in all, despite our missing friends, we had so much fun! I look forward to riding Front Runner again soon... It will be even nicer when we can hop on in Pleasant View!