July 27, 2008

Pioneer Day

Ok, one more quick one before bed... only because I want to get caught up on my pictures!
Of course, as everyone knows, Thursday was Pioneer Day in Utah. Holiday means no work so already the day had a fabulous start! We went to the parade where my dad was announcing, as usual. Then we came home to relax for a little bit. It wasn't long before I was off again though, running around. I went to visit my friend, Shantae, and her cute baby girl. She was really bored because her husband DID have to work and I hadn't seen the baby yet so I took advantage of the free time. After that I ran over to David's Bridal to get fitted for my wedding dress... just kidding. I had a piece of my brides maid dress waiting for me that I had to pick up. We won't get into how that situation is "fitting." (Ugh)
After my Layton stops, I went to my sister's house. I had mentioned going on a hike that day (for the health promotion program at work, and it just sounded like a good idea) and my sister said she wanted to go. I picked up Shron and London (London was the only that helped mow the lawn, so she was the only one that could come) and we headed to Waterfall Canyon... with our three water bottles.
Here's a tip... don't go hiking on the hottest day of the year in the middle of the afternoon with only one small water bottle per person... it's not a good situation. We still had fun, or at least I did. Here are a few pictures, this is what happens when you give your camera to someone else...

Later that night we had a cook out with some of the family at our house. I miss the good ol' days when we would all get together at Grandma's and have a big bbq, and this was a little taste of the golden days.

I was hoping to get to the rodeo this year but sadly, never did. I WILL go next year, even if I have to go by myself! Instead, I stayed home and finished and delivered some pre-wedding pictures.

I hope they don't mind me posting one of my favorites!

This was the message I got from the bride later that night...
"Lisa, these pictures are so much more and better than I could have ever imagined! Seriously, I'm gonna cry! Thank you so much! I love them more than you will ever know!"

All in all it was a really good day!


Annie said...

I love the pictures of Steve and Lynnette. They look very classy! You are an amazing photographer!

I wish I could have done something fun on the 24th. I was at work most of the day. Oh wait, I got off an hour early. My boss is all heart (sarcasm at it's finest). I'm glad the hiking worked out!

And I'm sure you'll look great in the bridesmaids dress. You look great in anything! :D